Boel Dahlberg

If you want to get to know yourself on a new and deeper level, coaching is an effective way. The process helps you to get moretrust in yourself and your own abilities, become confident on the inside and get the courage to realize what you want.

You become more aware of how your thoughts, your emotions, your behavior and your choices create your life.

The more aware you are about your own creation, about your own influence, the more grip you get on yourself and your own life. It will be easier to lead yourself and steer your life in the direction you want and create the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

Our time together is designed after you. We start by looking at what you long for and want to realize in your life. Your vision.

Together, we get rid of blockages, old limiting beliefs and obstacles that stand in the way of you being able to receive what you want and live in your full potential. It helps you create clarity, direction and opens up completely new possibilities and choices.

I listen, ask questions and elicit your own solutions and strategies that we turn into action.

The process helps you find your own strengths your passion and the courage to choose the path you want to take. To realize what you want to accomplish. You will be equipped with new resources, tools and insights.

As your coach, I create a warm and easy-going environment where you can be yourself. Everything you say stays with me. I have a duty of confidentiality and follow the ICF ethical rules for coaching.

I am a trained coach and NLP practitioner for John Grinder the co-creator of NLP, as well as trained Yoga teacher by Vasishta Yoga Foundation in India.

My most comprehensive and transformative education is my own life experiences such as lifestyle and career change, following my dreams and moving to another country.

I coach online all over the world in Swedish or English on Zoom or Skype.

Walk and talk coachning

Depending on where I am, there is also the opportunity to meet in person in Malmö or in Lisbon. I offer “walk and talk” coaching, which means that all or parts of the conversations take place outdoors while we walk. Movement is a perfect way to increase creativity, release stress and find new solutions.

Welcome to book a 20 min meeting to find out what I can do for you

I offer the following services in 2021


Your way

Your way

If we don't know where we are going and what we want, it doesn't matter which way we take and...

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